Self-Storage is a booming business and new locations are being set up everywhere at this moment. People need more space for their possessions, then they have available at home. The option is renting a small or bigger unit close to home or work. Also small business owners rent storage units as they need additional space to ship or receive goods. And not every population or city is large enough to sustain a building specially

purposed for self-storage. The alternative are containers. Shipping containers have been used for self-storage for decades. The modular design is a perfect fit for this business type. And sites are easily expanded as containers are flexible to order and have them delivered to the site.

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about self-storage containers

Self-Storage Containers have been specifically designed for the purpose of self-storage. The specification is different from a standard shipping container which has been designed for shipment over seas and which can endure heavy altering weather conditions from subzero temperatures to tropical heat. Furthermore the load of 30tons puts heavy stress on container floor and the entire structure. But sizes of self-storage containers are equal to the ISO container dimensions. This way we can transport them by ship to a port nearby and deliver them with a standard truck to your location.

When placed on a level surface the container can be used directly.

The self-storage containers we supply have been improved over the last years. Insulated roof and side walls with materials as mineral wool or EPS. The wooden inner lining offers a high quality interior finish. And the roller shutter doors are easy accessible for every user. Especially when compared with standard container doors which are heavy and difficult to operate. Floor boards are coated with paint to prevent moisture build up in the wooden floor. For additional safety we even have an additional safety feature installed in the dividing walls between each self-storage room. Covered by the wooden inner lining a steel mesh barrier is installed to prevent acces from one storage unit to another through the wooden dividing wall.

Benefits of self-storage containers in comparison to shipping containers

  • self-storage containers come with insulated roof and walls
  • the customer experience is better overall
  • you can place more containers on the same floor area due to the different door design
  • roller shutter doors give easier acces and are synonymous for self-storage