Specifications self-storage containers

As every container is tailor made for the customer. We start with the interior and finish with the outside of the self-storage container.

Inside the self-storage container

We offer different options regarding insulation. Mineral wool insulation material or EPS board in the ceiling and side walls of the storage rooms. All finished with a wooden inner lining. But we also supply containers without insulation. The internal walls are then made out of corrugated panels.

  • No insulation, roof and walls are made from corrugated panels.
  • No insulation, but the roller shutter door is boxed.
  • Insulated with mineral wool finished with a white inner lining.
  • Wooden inner lining adds to a higher rental price.

Internal walls with additional safety feature

If you show a self-storage container to a potential customer. One hidden safety feature needs mentioning. Because behind the wooden lining there is more than meets the eye. The self-storage container inside has a high interior finish that is not to compared with a standard shipping container. Which will allow you to rent out the unit against a premium rate. But hidden between the wood is a steel mesh core that provides an additional safety feature. In case we do not insulate the containers the internal dividing walls are made of the same material as the exterior panels.

Roller shutter doors

Roller shutter doors are user friendly. And are standard fit with one or two locking rings at the bottom of the door. This way the customer can used their own lock and you are able to overlock in case of non-payment of the rent. We offer 2 different types of roller shutter doors. One for use inside and one for use outside.

Lateral door for self-storage containers

Alternative to roller shutter door containers we offer lateral doors. These container style doors are designed for use in extreme weather conditions. For use in areas with snow and rain. Doors are fitted with a lock-box. Above the door a rain gutter is installed.

Container options